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Success stories



Recreational water use represents a very small but growing percentage of the total water usage and is mostly tied to reservoirs. If a reservoir has a water level higher than the designated for consumption, then this exceeding water could be categorized as of recreational usage. A report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) revealed that Europe has so far concentrated on increasing the supply of water rather than exploring ways to limit its demand. Golf courses are often targeted as using excessive amounts of water, especially in drier regions and some governments have labelled golf course usage as agricultural in order to deflect environmentalists’ charges of wasting water…



The project objective is to develop a novel system for the monitoring of horse activity risks and horse health monitoring and management, with special focus on non-expert users and “in home” and outdoor monitoring. It will consist of a comfortable horse harness, which will include the following skills: Horse monitoring: i) GPS receiver and GPRS remote communications. ii) Movement activity by means of accelerometer and gyroscope. iii) On-horse health measurements (sweating, pulse, etc.). iv) Wireless transmission and different modes of use (excursion, indoors, etc). v) Horse rider monitoring: measurements of security and health of user, such as falling (among others). vi) Group guider monitoring unit for outdoors equine activities. vii) Stable monitoring for horses. The software will add i) Automatic alarm raising. ii) Horse monitoring. iii) History of user and horse assignment. iv) Horse interactions. v) Relationship & data history of horses.



The aim of SUSTAFFOR is to conceibe, produce, develop and on-field validate novel techniques aiming at improving afforestation / reforestation projects from an environmental, technical and economic point of view, as well as to explore the synergies between them…


SODSAT Project

The Main Objective of the SodSat project is to increase the competitiveness of turf grass producers by providing a novel remote intelligent turf management system by means of Artificial Intelligence and satellite imaging.

The SODSAT project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 605729.



Tourist activities related to the mining field are gaining relevance in our society. Gradually, new underground activities appear, and United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain are the countries with the greatest presence. Despite the fact that these mines are attracting an increasing number of visitors, nowadays security rules still remain poorly adopted, and a clear specific normative for such activities is not widely available. By means of the Undersafe project, a new low-cost system is designed and developed that will provide this kind of attractions with a security system adapted to deal with its specific needs and will guarantee full-time security by the use of an intelligent and remote monitoring system….