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Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.
Michael Porter

To improve your business processes, to create new products to take up new markets, to explore and reach new ways of providing value to your environment; all are ways to improve the competitiveness of your company.

To technologically innovate always results in a competitive advantage for all companies, but to achieve it successfully experience and knowledge in the different involved disciplines are required.

In EDMA we provide you with all the required knowledge, experience and resources that are specific to your field and application and that are needed to develop a technology-based innovation project.


Applications and sectors

Product development / Industrial processes / Health / Food / Services/ Telecommunications / Human resources / Digital environment / AND MORE

EDMA consists of a multi-skilled scientific and technical team with a long career and experience in different specialisation, ready to accurately and effectively address the innovation needs of your business.

Technological expertise

Electronics system design:

  • Implementation and testing of electronics prototypes.
  • Zig Bee, Wi-Max and 3G net systems.
  • Internet Of Things.
  • Industrial electronics: PLC programming, surveillance systems.
  • Renewable energies control systems.
  • 3D printing.
  • Sensorisation.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Others within the control electronics and telecommunications sector (ask).

Sensors and actuators:

  • Health monitoring systems (e-health).
  • RFID identification and traceability systems.
  • Systems and sensor networks: temperature, humidity, security/safety, etc.
  • Drones for image capturing (photogrametry).
  • Ultrasound applications.
  • Energy generation and extraction.
  • Infrared sensitization.
  • Electro-pneumatic actuators.
  • Others (ask).


      • Applied Artificial Intelligence (industrial control advanced techniques, Smart web applications, multi-agent systems.
      • Industrial software.
      • Mobile-based software.
      • Tailor-made applications, including simulation.
      • Open source software.
      • Advanced web applications.
      • Company and institution-based e-learning.
      • E-health: remote monitoring, inspection, diagnosis,…
      • Development (Java, HTML, C++, SQL, etc..).
      • Supply chain RFID systems, retail and stock control.
      • Others (ask).