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About us

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

Quality as driving force

Quality is not a state that is achieved for a given moment, but the culmination of the habit of working with rigour and dedication to regularly obtain the best results throughout the value generation process.

An expert and specialised team

EDMA has a large multi-skilled scientific and technical team with a long track record and extensive experience across a diverse range of specialisations in the innovation field, able to accurately and effectively address the different needs of your business.

The team consists of IT and electronics specialists able to face up the innovation challenges in products

and processes to improve your business competitiveness.

Our professionals have extensive experience proven in writing and preparing innovation project proposals aimed to receive funding in European Union programs as Horizon 2020.

We work for you, by your side

We step into your company objectives working closely and in a transparent way with your working groups, running each project with the necessary dedication and rigour in a tailored way.

Find out all we can do for you


Our collaborating partners

EDMA stems from the scientific-technological world and is connected to a collaboration partners net that includes universities and specialised research centres, among them: